Let Love Find

Let Love Find
Its Perfect Fit.

The woman we design for is at the core of everything we do. The House Of Ivory Bride is effortlessly captivating, sexy and authentic, knowing exactly what inspires and motivates her.

Being the exclusive stockist of Cizzy Bridal Australia, international designer labels in Singapore and beyond, we aim to delight with an exclusive bridal experience, while exciting brides with the newest styles and unparalleled quality and variety.

Cizzy Bridal

Cizzy Bridal will always be our original and classic collection. Designed for the bride who really wants to be the most beautiful version of herself on her most special day. She lives in the modern day but salutes the traditional bride.

Zavana Bridal

She embodies refinement, grace, and awe-inspiring beauty. Delicate intricacies and beautiful lace intertwine to accentuate and elevate the bride’s silhouette. She radiates a sense of luxury that captures everyone’s attention to leave a lasting impression.

White April

Embrace a sense of adventure with each dress telling a story of uninhibited self-expression. Designed for the modern boho bride who is confident, independent, stylish and enchanted by unique detail. She is exceptional and refreshing.

Zavana Couture

Stunning European lace takes center stage for the glamorous bride. The couture collection from Zavana introduces opulence and high-end designs that create a timeless allure.

Elysian Bridal

Designed to encapsulate the essence of glamour for the extravagant bride who loves intricate embellishments. Embrace lavish fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship to radiate grandeur and sophistication.

Wedding Societe

Immerse yourself in the charm of modern bohemia, and embrace a collection that celebrates your love story. Created for the free-spirited bride who wants a dress to mirror her personality while letting her feminine beauty shine through.


Discover the stage where heritage dances harmoniously with contemporary allure. For the bride who wants to honour every part of her identity on her special day with timeless tradition and bespoke fittings.

Beautiful Brides

Snapshots of Beauty